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What's coming up in Tidings Issue 38?

Jun 26, 2015


The latest issue of Tidings is about to hit doorsteps in the next few weeks containing informative articles and inspirational life stories, including that of CA volunteer, Ian Jackson:

Looking back I think my journey started very early 2010 with my first visit to the doctor. I was told it was just a bad back so I had the day off work. Within a few weeks I was having more of an urgency when going to the toilet and still had a mystery ‘back pain’ that wasn’t in my back. The long walks along the beach and in the countryside that I enjoy were now being affected because of my need to be near a toilet.

Reluctantly, I went back to the doctor again and my problems were diagnosed as piles and I was advised to try cream, then when that didn’t work, suppositories. By June I had to stop cycling as it was getting too uncomfortable. My doctor put me on stronger prescription suppositories, but the mystery pain was still there. It seemed around the groin area but a testicular ultrasound scan came back clear. A physiotherapist was the first to put the clues together, asking if I’d lost weight and referring me back to my GP. I was booked in for a colonoscopy. They didn’t expect to find anything and it was suggested if it was clear the problems may be ‘all be in my mind’. 

I remember on the day before the colonoscopy in January 2011 we had a training day at work and nobody could understand why I was only sipping at a glass of water and not gorging on the free buffet lunch as normal. At this stage I didn’t really share my problems. I took the sedation offered for the colonoscopy so don’t remember much about it, but I do remember waking and hearing the nurses telling others around me to get dressed, have a cup of tea and a biscuit and go home. However, the nurse came to me and just said somebody would be there to talk to me in a minute so I was starting to guess something was not right.
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