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Give someone a #BagOfLife - help fund Stoma Aid

Mar 25, 2015


Which would you choose?

Change the lives of thousands of people with a stoma across the world by helping fund Stoma Aid.

Millions of people worldwide have a stoma – where an opening has been made on their abdomen which allows waste to pass out of their body. For these people, a stoma bag is necessary to securely, conveniently and safely collect output from their stoma.  

However, thousands of people with a stoma across the world are forced to use tin cans, carrier bags and bits of cloth because they are unable to afford the cost of a stoma bag. In Papua New Guinea there are only two stoma care nurses in the entire country; in the Philippines a single bag costs a week’s wages.

For people with a stoma in developing countries, infection and hernias are extremely common as a result of them having to use tin cans and carrier bags. Many people are left unable to work or leave their home because of embarrassment and medical complications.

Each month, tens of thousands of stoma bags are thrown away in the UK as they are no longer needed. We will collate these unused bags and distribute them to people in need in developing countries across the world.

Your donations can help make a difference to thousands of people across the world - make a donation online or get in touch to find out how you can donate to Stoma Aid. Help us spread the word about Stoma Aid and give someone a #BagOfLife. No matter how big or small, your donation will make a difference.


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