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Esteem Mouldable

Oct 9, 2014

Esteem Mouldable

ConvaTec is proud to announce the launch of the new and unique Esteem and Mouldable.

The innovative pouch combines the ease and convenience of a one-piece pouch with the proven skin protection of ConvaTec Mouldable Technology.

Research shows that the incidence of skin complications on ostomates is around 50% but not all of them report discomfort to their healthcare professional, but skin discomfort shouldn't be the norm!

Complications can occur due to changes in stoma size and shape, due to peristalsis or during the first weeks after surgery when the stoma is settling down. ConvaTec Mouldable Technology adhesives create a custom seal that 'rebounds back' to fit any stoma size and shape (with no scissors or templates required) and swell upward to enhance the seal.

The result is an incredible secure, snug fit that moves with and responds to the stoma, as it changes after surgery and day by day.

Efficient, invisible
Do you worry about a ballooning pouch embarrasing you on an evening out or at work? The air filter on the Esteem system takes care of that, eliminating odour, reducing clogging and keeping the pouch flat. Of the new ostomates we spoke to, 86% were highly satisfied with the air filter, while 60% of existing ostomates felt the Esteem system was an improvement on their usual product. So, if you find clogging and ballooning a problem, the Esteem system may work for you.

Almost odourless
It would be great if thouse unpleasant odours were a thing of the past, wouldn’t it? And surely it would be a bonus not to need to use a deodorizer as much? In our survey, 93% of new ostomates said they had experienced no, or almost no, odour with the Esteem system.

Conveniently comfortable
We’ve usd a softer material for the lining of these pouches, so it should be gentler on your skin and quieter when it brushes against your clothes. It’s even water resistant, so it dries quickly. We also rounded out the shape, smoothing away any uncomfortable corners. The pouch lining certainly went down well with the people we spoke to, with 85% of new ostomates saying it was very comfortable, and 73% of existing ostomates considering it to be very comfortable compared with their previous stoma care system.

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